Bram Schreuders - Industrial Design Engineer

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Ascom teleCARE Solo

During my graduation project at Ascom I have developed a new Nurse Call product. My design makes it easier and safer for patients to call a nurse and it also makes answering calls easier and more effient for the nurses. 

In the analysis phase user research has been performed with patients and nurses of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and Herlev Hospital in Copenhagen. The user research showed that the main problem with the current Nurse Call products is the usage of the handsets. The Nurse Call handsets are often too complex, too heavy, can fall on the floor or can be out of reach from the patients position.


Because hospitals are increasingly equipped with individual patient rooms (e.g. the new Erasmus MC) this problem will have more and more negative consequences for both patients and nurses.

My design consists of several products. The main products are Solo and Link.

Solo is the product that the patient wears, preferably around the wrist. The patient can call a nurse by pressing the call button of the Solo. Solo is equipped with advanced technologies, such as bi-directional wireless communication over ZigBee, built-in locating system, removal detection, short range communication using NFC, (no) motion detection, wandering detection and more. Solo is completely waterproof and cannot be opened. Solo has a rechargable li-ion battery on which it can function for a minimum of several weeks up to a maximum of several years (depending on use and settings). The battery can be recharged by electromagnetic induction in the basestation Base.

Solo press

Solo light

Link is the product that is installed in the patient rooms and various other locations. The primary function of Link is to allow the nurses to talk with the patients when they call. When a patient has called a nurse by pressing the call button on the Solo, the nurse that is assigned to that patient will receive a message on the phone. With the press of a button on the phone, the nurse can establish a speech connection with the Link that is in the same location as the patient. The nurse can talk with the patient in order to assess the urgency of the call and whether it is neccesary to pick up anything on the way over to the patient, such as medication, a wheelchair or assistance. This way, the patient knows that the call has been receive and will be answered and the nurse can determine how to arrange the tasks that need to be performed and it saves them time and effort walking to answer each call and having to go back to get supplies.

Link talk

After the nurse has spoken with the patient the call can be cancelled remotely or when the nurse holds the phone near the Solo of the patient the call can be cancelled using NFC.

Solo and phone