Bram Schreuders - Industrial Design Engineer

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Poster "Beuningen speelt nog steeds..."

In 2002 all of the schools in the town of Beuningen have set up the project "Beuningen Speelt" ("Beuningen Plays") together to raise money for new playground equipment. This was necessary because the current equipment no longer complied with the new standards and there was no money available to replace them. Now, three years later the old equipment has been replaced by the new, but kids in Beuningen are still playing, so the schools hope that they can continue to count on the support of all of the many sponsors.

That is why I was asked to design the poster "Beuningen speelt nog steeds..." ("Beunigen is still playing..."). The goal was to show the sponsors what the money that was raised has been used for. The poster had to be A3 size, the front would have to have a modified "Beuningen Speelt", the inside would have to show twelve photos of the schools in an attractive way with the slogan "Beuningen speelt nog steeds..." an the back I could design however I wanted.

Below you can see the end result.

Front (right half) and back (left half).

Poster voorkant

The inside.

Poster midden