Bram Schreuders - Industrial Design Engineer

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Recticel Gadgetbag

During the internship at Recticel Technical Foams the Gadgetbag has been developed. Recticel wanted to something to give their visitors at the Macropak trade fair. They were thinking about some kind of bag made out of foam to put the Recticel leaflets in. For this project various proposals have been created and prototypes were made out of foam. In consultation with the Sales department one of the proposals has been worked out to a production ready product. The end result of this project was the Gadgetbag, a promotional item that is die-cut out of sheets of LD60 foam in four different colours. The Gadgetbags have been given away to visitors at the Macropak 2004 and the NIID 2004 trade fairs and the reactions of the visitors were very positive. A few companies have made inquiries about having their own version produced.


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