Bram Schreuders - Industrial Design Engineer

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icansit Seat-insert

During the intership at Recticel Technical Foams the icansit Seat-insert has been developed for the icansit highchair of X-rds and One Tree Hill. I have actively worked on the development of this new product. Several meetings have been conducted with the client, idea sketches and technical drawings have been made, prototypes have been manufactured, (cost)calculations made and the product was made ready for mass production. The end result of this project was a Seat-insert that has been produced in five diferent colours, is easy to fasten to the highchair, easy to clean and fits the design of the highchair. The icansit Seat-insert has been sold in stores throughout Europe and in Australia as an accessoiry for the icansit highchair.

icansit Seat-insert

De icansit Seat-insert is available in five different colours.

Seat-inserts colours

De icansit Seat-insert is produced by Recticel Technical Foams.

Seat-inserts production

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