Bram Schreuders - Industrial Design Engineer

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XanuraHome Cordmodule

From the 12th of februari 2007 until the 8th of june I have worked on my graduation project at Eaton Electric B.V. in Hengelo.

The result of this graduation project was the XanuraHome Cordmodule. The cordmodule can be installed on the electrical cord of a household appliance, just like a normal switch or dimmer, which makes it internationally applicable. The elegantly designed cordmodule can easily be operated with its two buttons or by the XanuraHome system. The cordmodule will be available in two versions: a switching version, SAIX32 and a dimming version, DAIX32.

XanuraHome Snoermodule

De XanuraHome Cordmodule in various usage situations:

Bediening met de hand     Bediening met de voet     Geplaatst op een nachtkastje     Geplaatst op de vloer     Ontwerp blister verpakking

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